Advocating for active transportation infrastructure for everyone

Active infrastructure can help broaden access to mobility by offering residents a low-cost, reliable, and sustainable means of transportation.

Bike/Walk Griffin's mission is to improve the quality of life for every resident of Griffin and Spalding County, GA by advocating for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure for all.

Transform Your Community With Trails

Increase Safety
We advocate for solutions that are safer for cyclists and pedestrians because when people feel safe they use infrastructure more. By prioritizing safety we'll create walkable places that people will want to live.
Empower People
Not just for recreation, we believe active infrastructure can empower a community, provide low cost commuting solutions, and give greater access to basic necessities.
We believe that infrastructure improvements should benefit everyone, not just those from a specific demographic. B/WG will not advocate for any solution that doesn't account for those most in need first.
Improve Quality of Life
Active infrastructure and outdoor recreation leads to better physical health outcomes, better quality of life and mental health outlooks, and an overall happier, active population.
Design for Humans
Car-centric development has destroyed the walkability of our cities and divided communities with impassible vehicle infrastructure. By designing for humans we aim to reconnect communities.
Fiscally Responsible Development
We know local budgets can be tight. We advocate for smart spending, pursuing federal grant opportunities, and doing projects that have the most real impact with the community.
Our Initiatives
We advocate for both recreational and functional pedestrian infrastructure throughout Griffin and Spalding County, as well as pedestrian-focused safety policy with local governments.
Learn about some of our projects and how you can get involved!
Griffin Greenway
A city-wide, multi-use pedestrian trail network to connect the community.

Heads Creek Trail
Natural surface loop around the city reservoir for recreation and fitness.

Complete Streets Plan
A city-wide pedestrian safety plan to guide development for the next decade.

Our Sponsors
Bike/Walk Griffin, Inc. is a new organization and currently in the process of filing for 501c3 non-profit status.
Once we obtain non-profit status, B/WG will be seeking corporate and organizational sponsors who share our vision of a safe, walkable and bike friendly community!